About Nele

Video-Vorstellung der Leuchtbildserie von Nele von Mengershausen.


1945 born at Tannerhof, Bayrischzell, Bavaria Germany. Abitur Gymnasium Tegernsee. Studies of Fine Arts and Art Education in Basel Switzerland and the Art Academy in Munich Germany.

1970 -1985 moving to San Diego California. Studies Artistic Printmedia /Lithography and Comparative Religious Studies at the State University of San Diego. Teaching Printmaking at the University of Southern California Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts. Many shows in Germany and the U.S.

1886-90 moving to Boston. Joins the Space Gallery Team, a multicultural Artist´s Cooperative and becomes a member of the Experimental Eching Studio in Boston. Many shows in Germany und the U.S.

1991 moving to Munich. Studies Art Therapy at the Gestalt Therapy Institut Würzburg/München and with Dr. Gisela Schmeer. Psychotherapy HPG. Works as an art Therapist for many years with handicapped children and adults at the Stiftung Pfennigparade in Munich.

2001 moving to Bayrischzell Tannerhof where she works and lives in a studio-house setting. Private lessons and courses as well as Art Therapy are part of the cultural and medical program at Tannerhof.

Basic impulses


From early on my first drawings express a desire for density, a trait which remains with me all my life. I was born on a farm Tannerhof which inspired me to create innumerable pictures abundant with life around me.

2  Versuch 3 Jahre
1 Versuch 3 Jahrealt If
Nele 7 Jahre


How to create transparency in my work? The experience of light and darkness – existential opposites on the one hand and the continuum of hues between white and black on the other is the fundamental source of transparency in my work.


she remains forever the source of inspiration.Through drawing and photography I develop friendly relationships to her innumerable manifestations.Patience and humbleness are necessary to get closer to the core of things.

Königin-der-Nacht-Studie Collagemit-Blütenblatt
Königin-der-Nacht-Studie-5Zeichnung Aquarell
Königin-der-Nacht-Studie-3Zeichnung Aquarell

Perception of time

My love for detail and my affinity to paint in layers is time-consuming. On the other side the beholder also needs time and patience to discover what´s embedded in my work, a slowing down occurs which is rarely to be found. Time stops when rememberance and vision are fused while painting, these are rare moments of happiness for the painter. However,when experiencing great art from the point of view of the beholder, time may dissolve as well, there is only seeing, these are rare moments of happiness indeed.